The Wolves of Little Havana

Sometimes, when a movie’s good, not much needs to be said beyond viewing it.

Most of the time, when it’s bad, a proper dissection is in order.

Welcome to The Wolves of Little Havana, and get your ass inside: the movies are waiting for you.



2 thoughts on “The Wolves of Little Havana

  1. Guten tag and hare krishna fellow author. You have died and given birth to me, your reader. Too much of anything is bad, but too many books is barely enough. I imagine “heaven” as an upgraded library with reclining chairs and unlimited vegan food. I enjoy the honesty of your movie reviews. I agree that American Pie is garb. I hate middle school me for liking that movie [insert shudder here]. Fast forward to today, and I almost can’t conceive of a movie I would enjoy less. Thanks for keeping it real.

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